Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lunary Souls and a Co-Authoring a project...

It seems that the school year is finally winding down--and I have plans for three webcomic projects in the works. Lunary Souls, previously called Life With Muses is currently thumbnailed and ready to be worked on seriously. I am vastly excited for this. The ending and beginning are pretty set in stone storyline-wise. It is nice to finally have this done at least. The middle is more fluid as it is meant to be open and somewhat slice of life.

The second project is a Pokemon fancomic. Which will be my less-stress-and-more-fun comic. As I have less emotional weight attached to it.

The third is a co-project with L. O'neal, where she will be doing the art, and I will be writing the story. There are no concrete plans as to what the actual story and characters will be like, but I am excited to begin. I really hope that I can become a professional comic artist in the future. At the moment, I must stick with amateur comic making.